First Baptist Church of Cocoa Beach started back in 1956 as a church plant from the First Baptist Church of Cocoa. By 1965, the congregation had built a 1,500 seat Sanctuary on the 1.9 acre plot across the street from the ocean.  In 9 short years, the new church had grown to 1,100 members, 34 men called into the Gospel ministry, 452 baptisms and 32,000 square feet of buildings under Air Conditioning.  WOW!  The members started a mission church in Satellite Beach in 1967, and the dynamics began to change.  Over the next 40 years, the congregation would go up and down, and the members constantly struggled financially to maintain the facilities.  In 2011, the active members decided to sell the property, and that has opened the door to our NEW ministry! We are still on the same property, and the new owner is a church with a Pastor who was discipled in our church, ordained in our church, and as their church was growing, we allowed them to use our facilities at times.  So, it is as if the parents have passed the torch to the next generation!  

We started 2012 in our new location on the same property.  Our focus and ministry is OUTSIDE the building.  We concentrate on serving the Body of Christ worldwide!  We encourage local pastors, and look for ways to serve other churches.  We minister in Vietnam and the Far East...one of our members started that in 1999, and it is an amazing ministry.  We serve the Persecuted Church around the world, and we want to be a voice for those who have no voice as they suffer for the Gospel.  We have a Bible College, and we will be the legal covering for missionaries we send out.  As we serve people, we will concentrate on discipleship. We currently have over 20 separate discipleship courses available, and we are writing more during 2012! Even if you are a member of another church, we invite you to take a look at what we have available for Bible study.  We will help you grow spiritually while you remain in your local church.

Many churches are known for one specific type of ministry.  The Biblical pattern is that we are many members, but only ONE BODY! At First Baptist Church of Cocoa Beach, we want to serve the Body of Christ! If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please send us a note.  We would be honored to please the Lord by serving others.


In Jesus,

Ken Babington, Pastor