An 80-Year Plan

NOTE: This letter was mailed to numerous Home-School Dads in our community.

March 28, 2012



Last night, I watched the movie, "Monumental".  Most of the information was not 'new' to me, but I found the movie a breath of fresh air!  As I left the theater, I kept thinking of MANY, MANY issues.  This letter is an immediate response and offer to you, as a direct result of the movie. Please read this material, and then make your decision.  Thanks!

For the purpose of this letter, allow me to give a brief autobiography!  I will be 66 years old this summer.  Cheryl and I have been married since 1969.  Our 3 children are all grown now, and we have 13 grandchildren.  Cheryl and I started home-schooling in 1985 here in Brevard County (six weeks after the Law made it legal!!!), and we have been active in home-education issues since then.  My Honorary Ph.D. is because of my work in home-school issues.  I was the State Chairman of F.P.E.A. (Florida Parent Educators Association) in 1988, and I have served in other capacities as well.  During our years of educating at home, we used numerous materials, and for the last six years of home-school, we used the A.T.I. material from Bill Gothard.  Over the years, I have been VERY active in almost everything Bill Gothard has made available.  I have been a Christian since March 6, 1976, and have been in some type of full-time pastoral ministry since August 1, 1977.  I have been the Pastor here at First Baptist Church since July 19, 1992. Did I mention that I am almost 66!!!!!!  In 1977-1978, Kay Arthur spent more than a year teaching me how to study the Bible, and my teaching today is a reflection of that training!  For many years now, I have had a passion for our Christian heritage as a Country.  I am more than "patriotic".  When I ran for State Representative in 2008, two men who personally endorsed me are Mat Staver and David Barton!  I have studied, taught and encouraged others regarding our Christian heritage. Our church has recently undergone a major shift, but we are still alive and ready to serve.   At almost 66, I realize more and more that my time on earth is short!  I realize and agree that none of us have any guarantee for tomorrow, but at 65, my "natural life expectancy" is less than that of my son, Ron who is age 32 now!  That is common sense.  So, as I watched the movie MONUMENTAL last night, I kept asking myself what I can do with the time I may have.  This letter is the first step in that answer.

Let me explain the problem as I see it.  America has been that shining light on a hill.  We have been birthed and protected by the Sovereign Hand of God Himself.  America has been the Country who has birthed inventors, entrepreneurs and missionaries.  America was founded on Biblical principles, and it was established with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus at the very core of her being.  Today, Christians and Christianity are being mocked at every corner.  Public education mocks the Lord Jesus.  Government decisions are being made contrary to Biblical principles.  Judicial decisions are made that contradict our Constitution, laws and the fabric of WHO WE ARE as a Christian Country.  To me, there is only one way that will ever change.  To me, the answer is the person holding this letter in YOUR HANDS right now.  YOU are the answer.  To me, the answer for America is the Christian family.  Here are my thoughts on a solution, along with my offer to you!

I am confident that America will continue to get worse, regardless who gets elected on any level. The answer is not political. Speaking in generalities, both major Parties want more power, more control and the ability to spend more money.  Lobbyists dictate to elected officials based on MONEY, and our Country is only as a good as WE THE PEOPLE ensure that it is.  Our silence has been heard around the world, and America is in moral, economic, political and spiritual quicksand, sinking more and more every day.  Please consider being the answer!

Here is the solution.  America will change when elected officials make decisions based on our heritage, our foundation, the Constitution and the Biblical principles that were used to build our Country.  This will only happen when people are elected who KNOW THESE THINGS.  That will only happen when children are taught these things and then grow up ready to serve in elected positions.  The Government (Public!!!) schools will never teach these things. Christian families are the only ones who have the desire to teach their children the things needed for America to be great again. However, many Christian families are not doing that.  Again, as you read this letter, YOU are the answer!!! 

Here is the crux of this letter.  I have the experience, desire, passion and knowledge to get something started.  I have so few families to equip!!!!! At my age, I have enough gray hair (what is left of my hair) to possibly have wisdom based on life experiences. I am looking for Christian families who have a desire to truly be used of the Lord Jesus to change our Country.  I am not looking for "families" to build a church!  I have NO DESIRE for that.  What I am offering needs to be done through a local church, and I am offering First Baptist of Cocoa Beach. However, if you are actively involved in a local church; and if you and your pastor are in agreement with you being involved with us while remaining active in your home-church, that will be fine!

I want to equip Dads to equip 3 generations.  I do not consider myself to be the first generation.  I do not see the Dads who are reading this as the first generation. True, we must start with Dads today, but the three generations start with the children under your roof today!!!!  If and when current parents commit to truly bring up three generations of their family to live out Biblical principles, then America will change.  It may not happen during my lifetime; but with everything in me, I want to be a part of a START to get America back to our great foundation.  We owe that to the countless people who have gone before us.  Generations before us have cultivated a free society for you and me to live in, but that freedom is being yanked out from under us as we do nothing.  Freedom must be nurtured by every generation.  Enough is enough. As an aside, this material is being put on our church website.  If families read this in areas other than Brevard County, please consider being a part of this in your community with our help!

Here is my thought.  We will train men who have children.  That training will be in Biblical principles, practical family living, and in the professional world.  We will be helping you train young children in areas they will need to bring America back.  For some, it might be homemaking. It could be electrical, carpentry and mechanics or numerous other areas.  It could be missions and serving other believers world-wide. You, the parent will know what areas to concentrate on with your children! Here is an absolute certainty:  when you are an employee, you are renting yourself out to the owner, and your resources will be limited.  So, I want to help you train young people to be entrepreneurs and business owners.  That will produce the resources and time needed for these next generations to be able to DO what is needed to bring America back.

Here is the offer. If this sounds like something you want for YOU and your family, I am making myself available to you.  Here is the catch!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of course there is a catch.  Did I tell you that I am almost 66 ???  As I write this letter, I am thinking of a 5 year window.  I am asking for a 5 year commitment.  Attend our church.  Home-school under our umbrella.  Allow us to be your spiritual covering, protection and equippers. I want to pour myself into young men with children so we can start three generations of citizens who want America to be strong and families to be examples.  We will teach Biblical principles as we train the next generations to be providers and defenders of the Faith and of our Country.

If you have questions, write me, call me or come see me.  We shall see how the Lord uses this letter.


March 29, 2012


Yesterday, I wrote and sent out a letter to home-school families in Brevard County.  I made an offer with a request. This morning, it is time for me to put precise thoughts in place in the event some family is curious. The material is being made available on-line for families across America.  Here it is:


I. no certain order!

A.  A Commitment to Five Years without Walking Away!

I realize some may say that all sorts of things could happen in 5 years, and that kind of commitment is not practical. I understand that, and would accept a departure if the circumstances dictate that.  However, over the years, I have seen tremendously ungodly reasons for broken fellowship and people leaving a church.  It is usually because a person did not get their way.  I am telling you up-front that you will not necessarily get your way.  If that is a potential deal-breaker, then do not start!  I can also tell you up-front, that I have a 36 year track record of being patient, long-suffering, conservative, Biblical in teaching and application and patriotism.  If and when I do something during the 5 years that may upset an individual, it will not be malicious, intentional or unbiblical.  So, I respectfully ask that you put emotions aside since we are literally dealing with the life of the United States of America.  I made a 4 year commitment to the United States Navy.  I did not always enjoy those four years, but I remained faithful during those years.  Looking back, I would not trade those years.  This is the type of commitment I am asking for UP-FRONT.  For those families joining us away from Brevard County, I will want this commitment from you with the understanding that I am able to talk to your Pastor during the 5 years.

B.  Civic Involvement of your Family

The premise of this 5 year plan is to begin a 3 generation commitment to restore America.  To do that, the Country will need conservative voters and candidates who know our true history and who are willing to fight the battles to get us back to our foundation.  To get there, we will need that third generation ready to step up and take the leadership, having been trained by their parents and grandparents.  It will take about 80 years to accomplish this, and the political arena is an absolute MUST WIN for us. So, if you are not wanting to be involved in the political arena, this is not for you.

C.  A Biblical World-View

John Dewey and Adolph Hitler had a similar desire.  They wanted to change the world using youth.  Hitler wanted an immediate change, and he lost!  Dewey was content for it to take a couple generations, so he used the public school system. John Dewey was an Atheist, Socialist with an agenda.  Over the past 80 years, his approach has taken root in America, and virtually every aspect of our society has been affected by his world view.  For us, we will take a Biblical world view and present it to three generations.  80 years from now, our Country will be led by these people.  A Biblical world view is critical for our success.

D.  Current Events

We must be aware of what is happening in our world.  Most Americans are oblivious to current events.  Most are so busy they do not even want to be involved in current event issues. We will not be that way.  We will know what is going on in America and around the world.  We need to do this so we can challenge the system AND so that our three generations will be trained in dialogue, debate and boldness.  We cannot be intimidated, and the more knowledge we have about current events, the more we will be able to think from a Biblical perspective and have proper solutions.

E.  Character Training

To accomplish this massive task, we must have godly character.  Bill Gothard has developed a list of 49 character traits.  Years ago, there were "Cities of Character" who wanted Gothard's character traits for their entire city.  We will develop these 49 traits for 3 generations.

F.  Disaster Relief

The label for this section is generic, but that is the tip of the iceberg.  Again, using Gothard, he started a training program for young men who would be ready to help in any natural disaster or emergency. We will do that also.  We will teach our 3 generations how to serve others and be ready and knowledgeable in the HOW TO...

G.  Constitution and Law

It will be impossible for us to accomplish our goals apart from KNOWING the Constitution, current laws and how they apply to daily life in America.  I sincerely expect that within 3 generations, we will have countless elected officials making serious decisions for our Country.  These servant-leaders will need solid knowledge on the Constitution and laws. There are several sources

H.  A Passion for America

I served in the United States Navy.  Both of my brothers served.  My Dad served in World War II.  My Grandfather served in World War I.  I come from a patriotic family, and I make no apology for this.  We will NEED families with a passion to see our great Country return to our Biblical roots.  This patriotic vein is critical for us.

I.  Mission Mindedness

We will be serving PEOPLE.  Some will be American.  Some will be foreign people living in America.  Some will be on foreign soil. All will be a mission field for us.  My premise here is that we will knowingly take the Gospel to our generation around the world. So, mission awareness and involvement will be a must.

J.  Discipleship

I have been writing discipleship material for 35 years.  I am ready to use what I have written.  I have over 20 studies in print right now on discipleship.  We will be discipling one another.  We will challenge one another.  We will hold one another accountable. We will take the 141 reciprocal commands and we will apply those to daily life. This discipleship will include lessons regarding submission, being teachable, a willingness to learn and a desire to be a servant.  

K.  Education

I have a proven track record with the home-school movement.  I am more than just an advocate.  I am passionate about the need and value of home-education.  I also understand that not all believers are able or willing to make that commitment.  While I firmly say that home-schooling is a critical NEED for what we are embarking on, I understand that I should not make this a requirement to begin.  Therefore, my education commitment is for the parents.  Regardless what system your children are in, if you want to walk beside us in this 80 year journey, you MUST commit to being responsible for educating your children in the direction we are going. Regardless if your children are in a public school, private school or charter school, the parents MUST accept responsibility for education of your children in the direction we are pursuing.  That direction is clearly spelled out in these points as elaborated herein. As we get going, we may have some 'fine-tuning', but what you see here is where we are going and what we expect.  So, regarding the education, YOU are responsible for your 3 generations. 

L. Business Opportunity

We will need a large supply of income for all we want to accomplish within 80 years.  To do that, we need to promote business ethics in the next three generations.  We need to instill in the young people a desire to start their own business, invent, develop and maintain businesses that provide service and products with a profit. You will be asked to encourage your children in this direction. As an aside, whatever funds are generated by your family, stay in your family unless you decide to do anything else.  We are not starting a program for lazy people, nor are we wanting to get funds from your family.  

M. An 80-Year Plan: Taking Back America

I have written a book to solidify this 80-year plan to retake America. It is available!!


II. no certain order


A. Train Three Generations 

This is mandatory. We will never be able to accomplish any goal without this.  So, our goal is to be like 2 Timothy 2:2.  Paul told Timothy to train faithful men who would train others.  That is our goal!

B.  Political Power

To do this, we must have elected officials from within our three generations.  This will only happen if we are serious.  Without men and women in positions of leadership with LAW MAKING ability, we will never reach our objective

C.  Entrepreneurial Endeavors

We must have the finances to accomplish our goals.  This will not happen by renting ourselves to business owners.  So, one major goal is that we train three generations to own their own business.  This will provide the needed finances to take America back. 

D.  The Gospel to our World  

Each generation and each individual will stand before the Lord Jesus and give an answer for how they proclaim the Gospel.  In all of what we do for 3 generations, we want the Gospel to be at the center.  America is here because of Divine Providence.  There is no way we can get back to where our Country was 200 years ago apart from the proclamation of the Gospel.

As we end this segment, there is a serious reminder.  We are not developing a cult, denomination or a group of legalistic pharisees. We are not wanting to appear as 'holier-than-thou' Christians.  We are on a journey to restore Christ Jesus to the entire fiber of American society. Please set aside your traditions, and join us as we trust the inerrant Word of God.

I am sure there will be more details as we tweak this.  There is one consistent premise in all of this.  I make no pretense of being "perfect".  I make no comment about ME being in charge of your family.  My desire is that we get serious and take America back to our national roots.  Nothing less. My goal is NATION BUILDING inside the borders of the greatest Country ever created. The last PERFECT person was crucified 2,000 years ago.  I am asking that you join me; that you and your family commit to this plan and that, together, we set out on a 70 year journey to put the United States of America back on track to where our Founding Fathers had it.  Please join me.


Pastor Ken



This portion is designed to be a skeleton outline of where we are, how we got here and what needs to be done.  The reason for the format is simple.  This is a grass-roots venture. We will do things the olde fashioned way: in person and discipleship.  Again, we will have families on-line, so the material can be printed from the computer.  Here is the game-plan! 


John Dewey has been called "The Father of Modern Education" in America. He started a new direction in an effort to educate the children during the Great Depression.  This 'new direction' has been referred to as a "new social order", and he used people who were called "Frontier Thinkers" (also known as Progressives). Two of those men were Dr. George Counts, professor of education at Columbia, and Dr. Harold Rugg.  Dr. Rugg trained teachers, and he wrote books on education.  One of his books is "The Great Technology", written in 1933.  The premise of all three men was easy: use the school room to transform American political and economic institutions and create the new public mind set that would accept complete government control of individuals.  If that summary seems to melodramatic based on current conditions in America, do your own research on those three men and see what they believed and taught.  All three men would be thoroughly pleased to see America today!

In 1932, Dr. Counts wrote "Dare the School Build a New Order". The details are clear and convincing for anyone willing to study the history of modern education. Another book worth reading is "None Dare Call it Education" by John A. Stormer.  In 1934, John Dewey was one of the co-authors of, and a signer of the "Humanist Manifesto I".  He was an atheist socialist who knew the school house was the place to control the future.  He was not alone in that thought, and it is an accurate premise.  There is a quote attributed to President Abraham Lincoln: "The philosophy of the classroom in this generation will be the philosophy of politics, government and life in the next."  America is where we are today because of John Dewey and the voluntary surrender of the Body of Christ.

Fast forward from 1934 to 2012, and you will see the effect  John Dewey and his Frontier Thinkers have had on society.  America is where we are today because of those men and what they did.  Unless that direction is changed, America is on the verge of suicide by apathy.  I do not want that to happen, and I want you and your family to join the new revolution to take America back.  French Philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville said that "America is great because America is good.  If America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great."  Our generation will stand accountable to the Lord Jesus for what we do or do not do to restore  our Christian heritage, values, training, character and leadership in America.  JOIN ME...

Where We Are Now

It is all but unnecessary to elaborate on where we are now.  I have been saying recently that we appear to be back in the 1960's.  America is on the verge of a civil war while we are bankrupt spiritually, morally, economically and politically.  We MUST stand up for righteousness.  1 Corinthians 4:2 says that it is required of stewards that we be found faithful.  May the Lord say that about us!

What We Will Do

It has taken 80 years to get where we are, so I am thinking another 80 years to return.  In 1934, my Dad was 15 years old.  Today, I have 2 brothers, 6 nieces and nephews plus their children. I have  three children and 13 grandchildren.  Mom recently turned 90, and a few of her great grandchildren are now adults. 80 years from now, it will be 2084!

Here is our game-plan.  In no certain order, we will:

     1. Train and disciple Dads ...details will be available 
     2. Teach about our American history including our Christian foundation
     3. Help families start businesses and be more entrepreneurial minded
     4. Help families educate their children
     5. Restore the valor of being American
     6. Instill patriotism in the next three generations
     7. Build a Biblical worldview for generations to re-build our great country
     8. We will raise up generations of 
               *Business owners who will have resources to accomplish our goals
               *Lawyers willing to defend the faith and our American way of life
               *Elected officials who will make decisions based on the Constitution
               *Believers who have passion for the local church and missions



In 2084, I will be long gone, but what we do here, now, today, will bear fruit for more than the next 80 years.  In the 1930's, John Dewey and Adolph Hitler had the same thought: change the world by changing the youth.  Hitler tried his method with force, and he died.  Dewey used the education system, and we KNOW how that worked.  America was created, founded, protected and built by the Hand of God Himself.  We see Divine Providence in every aspect of our history.  2 Chronicles 7:14 is a passage used by many people today in an effort to get the Church to be obedient to Biblical principles. Our goal is simple.  May the Church in America embrace  what we few have started.  May the Body of Christ in America stand up and speak boldly on our heritage and our responsibility.  May WE THE PEOPLE take back our great Country and restore the glory of the Red, White and Blue we have flown so proudly.