Brevard County Pastors:


    Prior to the Revolutionary War, Great Britain was attributing the unrest in the Colonies to The Black Robe Regiment.  In fact, Great Britain confirmed numerous times that if it had not been for The Black Robe Regiment, there would not have been a Revolution by the Colonies.  It is past time for a new generation of The Black Robe Regiment in America, and I am asking you to join me here in Brevard County.
    Do your research, and you will see that The Black Robe Regiment was the clergy in the Colonies.  The pulpits were ablaze with righteousness.  When French Philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about the young Colonies around 1831,  he said that the REASON for America's greatness was the Pulpits!  Seriously, Great Britain said the Clergy were so influential that there would have been no war apart from their sermons!  I read recently that all 27 points listed in the Declaration of Independence had been sermon material around the Colonies in prior months.  I have a copy of a sermon by Jonathan Witherspoon, Pastor and President of Princeton University.  In early 1776, in his sermon titled DOMINION OF PROVIDENCE OVER THE PASSIONS OF MEN, Dr. Witherspoon used two words close to two dozen times.  He mentioned "nature" and "Providence" often in that 15 page sermon.  Both of those words are prominent in The Declaration of Independence, and I am certain that it is not a co-incidence.  In our society today, people are constantly trying to convince America that we were never a Christian nation,  that our Founding Fathers were deists at best, and that they never wanted Christianity to have any influence in politics, government or laws.  As we hear so often: "You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts."  The proof is more than convincing...we were formed as a Christian Nation.  The historical facts are more than evident.  Here are just a couple.  
    Read The Mayflower Compact.  Read "The Olde Deluder Satan Law" of 1647. Read about the McGuffey readers.  Read about The People v Ruggles, 1811, in the Superior Court of New York.  In 1892, the United States Supreme Court case of The Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States, the Court sited over 70 specific illustrations to confirm that the United States IS A CHRISTIAN NATION!  There is an overabundance of material to confirm the Christian heritage and influence in the formation of our great Country.  Today, all of that and more, is in jeopardy. It is time for The Black Robe Regiment to become active, and I say we should start it in Brevard County.  If you are interested in learning more, please let me know ASAP. Depending on the response from YOU, I will take the appropriate steps.  As I hear from you, we will organize how WE can help restore our American heritage to honor the Lord Jesus.  Even with our denominational and theological differences, we can come together to make the United States of America ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!!!  Please help us do that. 
                                                                           Ken B.
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