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Hall of Shame ~ The World’s 11 Worst Persecutors of Christians (2011)


·         Al-Qaeda has declared Christians as “legitimate targets”

·         Since 2003, 75% of Baghdad’s Christians have fled the city

·         Almost 50% of all Christians in Iraq have left the country since 2003


·         Christians endure constant imprisonment, torture and execution by the government

·         Most Christians are under close surveillance by Iranian security forces


·         Those committing violent acts against Christians are rarely brought to justice

·         Courts usually rule by Sharia (Muslim) Law


·         There is constant anti-Christian mob violence

·         On March 7, 2011, over 500 Christians were murdered that day in Jos, Nigeria

·         More than 13,700 Christians have been killed by Muslims in northern Nigeria since 2001


·         Over 3000 Christians are imprisoned in metal shipping containers, military barracks and underground dungeons

·         Christians are arrested in masse

·         Other than four denominations recognized by government, all Christian worship is illegal


·         There are very few Christians in the country due to the fear caused by Al-Shabaab, a U.S. designated terrorist organization

·         Al-Shabaab executes nearly every Christian they find, mostly in horrific ways


·         Hindu radicals take extreme violence against Christians

·         In Orissa, 55,000 Christians were forced to leave their homes


·         The blasphemy laws authorize the government to persecute Christians

·         Blasphemy carries a life imprisonment punishment or death


·         Kim Jong-Il is portrayed as a deity and savior

·         Almost 100,000 Christians are in labor camps, pushed to the point of being worked to death


·         The government lists Christianity as a cult, allowing for tremendous persecution

·         Almost 100 million Christians worship in underground house churches


·         In August, the government announced an offensive referred to as “tieu quet” or “WIPE OUT” of Christians

·         Christians are routinely beaten, imprisoned, and churches are regularly confiscated